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(ärkĭl`əkəs), fl. c.700 or c.650 B.C., Greek poet, b. Paros. As an innovator in the use and construction of the personal lyric, his language was intense and often violent. Many fragments of his verse survive.


See H. D. Rankin, Archilochus of Paros (1978).

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The Greek poet Archilocus distinguished different kinds of thinkers, or creative people, as foxes and hedgehogs.
Allen Miller, in his Lyric Texts and Lyric Consciousness, articulates this tension in terms of the difference between oral and written poetry, between the Archaic Greek models such as Archilocus, Sappho, and Pindar and the neoteric, Alexandrian and post-Alexandrian, literate poets who imitated those earlier, primarily oral models.