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Pertaining to architecture, its features, characteristics, or details; also to materials used to build or ornament a structure such as mosaic, bronze, wood and the like.
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1. Pertaining to architecture, its features, characteristics, or details.
2. Pertaining to materials (such as stone, mosaic, or bronze) used to build or ornament a structure.
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This report focuses on the global Architectural Design Software status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
On the basis of products, the global architectural LED market is segmented as solar and conventional products.
* 466: 'Quality Certified' Architectural Woodworkers.
"Properly designed and tested coatings increase the longevity of architectural elements and reduce maintenance costs to building owners," said Marek Gnatowski, technical director and president, Polymer Engineering Co.
The lectures, sponsored by the National Architectural Trust, will take place at: 7 World Trade Center, whose state-of-the-art security, energy and sanitation systems make it one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the world; The Marine Room at newly renovated India House, which was built in 1852 and modeled after Italian Renaissance palaces; The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's Diker Pavilion, New York's newest art, education and performance space that is located inside the historic, Cass Gilbert-designed Alexander Hamilton U.S.
I'm not going to say it's Finch at his entertaining, chatty best and gives the skinny on the inner doings of the architectural illuminati because you'd say, in a paraphrase of the immortal words of Mandy Rice Davis, I would say that wouldn't I?
In addition to his architectural studies, Eberle is well known for his early celebrity portraits in Interview magazine in the '90s, and for his documentation of Donald Judd's Marfa compound.
A history and architectural tour of Marshall Field's historic flagship store on State Street, the world's second largest department store, will reveal highlights including the breathtaking Tiffany vaulted ceiling, the Great Clocks, Burnham fountain and world-renowned Walnut Room restaurant.
The second obstacle was preserving the building's place in the community as a historic landmark in compliance with the National Park Service's History the outside and we had to conform to the existing windows," said Marcelo Arjona, project manager with The Architectural Team.
Celebrating the architectural legacy of Fascism and imperialism may not appeal to all.
To perform their analysis, the NIST researchers used Rapide, an architectural description language developed by Stanford University.
To become licensed, you must complete the Architectural Registration Examination

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