Architectural style

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Architectural style

The overall appearance of the architecture of a building, including its construction, form, and ornamentation; may be a unique individual expression or part of a broad cultural pattern.

architectural style

A classification characterizing buildings that share many common attributes, including similarity in general appearance, in the arrangement of major design elements in ornamentation, in the use of materials, and in form, scale, and structure. Such styles are often related to a particular period of time, geographical region, country of origin, or religious tradition, or to the architecture of an earlier period. Often, a term that includes the word style (such as Santa Fe style) is an architectural mode rather than an architectural style.
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The designer can use known form from any architecture style in different shapes, but the designer must know the structure of shapes, especially when the designer used icon's shape from any architecture style, which reflects the identity of that place.
They had to go through a literature review about the Saudi culture and the Najdi architecture style," he said.
When Robert and Julie Garvin purchased the renowned Philip Hiss Studio on Lido Shore's Westway Drive, they set out to decorate the beautifully preserved library with furnishings worthy of its classic Sarasota School of Architecture style.
The project's design reflects the Islamic architecture style, mainly Andalusian, Ottoman and Moroccan and makes it one of the most unique aesthetic and cultural sites in the capital.
The Syrian Forgotten Cities were built according to one architecture style which was called by archeologists as the Syrian Architecture Art in order to distinguish it from the Greek and Roman Classical Architecture Art.
After the profusion of Baroque buildings that filled the city, the next glorious architecture style was the Art Nouveau that is evident almost anywhere you look.
Illustrations of the project show a retro, 1950s architecture style.
SOA is a business and IT architecture style that supports business integration as linked services that can be quickly aligned to changing business needs.
The results revealed that the Persian architecture style was affected by the strong Persian government and their political attitudes and they showed it in symbolic architecture to induce political, cultural and etc.
University of Kufa to Construct Grand Mosque reflects the Unique Islamic Architecture Style.
Benito talked in details about the architecture style of Aleppo and Damascus, saying that Aleppo used limestone in its buildings, Damascus resorted to wood.
C[yen]Lincoln Park is a mixed Chicago architecture style at Arjan, the master plan development by Mizin, within Dubailand.

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