Arctic Council

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Arctic Council,

intergovernmental forum established to promote cooperation, coordination, and interaction among the arctic nations, with the involvement of indigenous peoples and others inhabiting the region on sustainable development, environmental protection, and other common issues. Its member nations are Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States, all the countries with territory or dependencies lying north of the Arctic Circle. Meetings intended to promote cooperation among the arctic nations began in 1989 in Finland, and the council was established by the Ottawa Declaration in 1996.
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The primary difference between the Arctic Council and the AEPS is that the Arctic Council was specifically mandated to develop a sustainable development program and, "to disseminate information, encourage education and promote interest in Arctic related issues." (173) To this end, the Arctic Council has not only continued to support the work undertaken by AEPS but has also developed a Sustainable Development Framework Document and an Arctic Council Action Plan to Eliminate Pollution of the Arctic (ACAP).
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