Arctic Red River

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Arctic Red River,

c.310 mi (500 km) long, rising in the Mackenzie Mts. of W Northwest Territories, Canada, and flowing generally NW to the Mackenzie River. At its mouth are a post of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the village of Tsiigehtchic, formerly Arctic Red River.
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By 12 May 2005, river-ice breakup had already begun between Arctic Red River and Fort Good Hope, ca.
Mackenzie Mackenzie above East Channel at Norman Wells Arctic Red River at Inuvik (Max.
Large salmon, some up to 11 kg in weight, reportedly captured near the Arctic Red River and in the Peel River in 1914 (Dymond, 1940) are thought to have possibly been Chinook salmon (Hunter, 1974).
The flow of the Mackenzie River at Arctic Red River combines the regimes of its sub-basins; in addition, the large basin size has a moderating effect that smoothes out the minor fluctuations, leaving a nival regime hydrograph that is dominated by peak flow in the snowmelt period followed by declining flows in the summer and low flow in the winter (Fig.
In terms of the percentage contribution of a sub-basin to the Mackenzie system, both the runoff intensity and the sub-basin area have to be considered: (100 X qa/QA), where q and Q are runoff (in mm, which is equivalent to specific discharge except for the difference in units) from the sub-basin and from the Mackenzie at Arctic Red River, while a and A are their respective drainage areas.
The total annual flow from the main sub-basins (i.e., the sum of qa for all sub-basins) is remarkably close (within 5%) to the annual flow of the Mackenzie River at Arctic Red River (or QA).
Its hunting area extended to modern-day Tuktoyaktuk, Husky Lakes, Arctic Red River, and perhaps farther southwards.
Formerly known as Arctic Red River, this is the smallest Gwich'in community in the region, with a population approaching 200.
Daily mean discharge data for the Arctic Red River are not available for periods of 2-6 weeks in 1974-76, 1980, and 1994.
Samplings on the latter river adequately covered the open-water, sediment-moving period from May to September, but the Arctic Red River data, dating back to the early 1970s, lack samplings from the month of May.
Sampling occurred over the summer of 1993, with samples taken on 23 June, 27 July, and 7 September for the Inuvik site; 23 June, 29 July, and 8 September for the Aklavik site; and 28 July and 9 September for the Arctic Red River site.
Aklavik Arctic Red River Date Floc ([micro]m) Total ([micro]m) Primary ([micro]m) Flo c ([micro]m) Total ([micro]m) June 14.1 8.3 July 14.1 11.0 5.7 17.3 11.3 September 13.6 8.1 4.1 16.1 5.9 (1) = d50 values of those particles present on the microscope slide i n their primary form only.
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