Ardashir II

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Ardashir II,

king of Persia (379–83), of the SassanidSassanid,
, or Sassanian
, last dynasty of native rulers to reign in Persia before the Arab conquest. The period of their dominion extended from c.A.D. 224, when the Parthians were overthrown and the capital, Ctesiphon, was taken, until c.
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, or Sassanian, dynasty. A provincial governor under Shapur IIShapur II
or Sapor II,
310–79, king of Persia (310–79), of the Sassanid, or Sassanian, dynasty. He was the posthumous son of Hormuz II and therefore was born king. His long reign was marked by great military success.
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, he succeeded to the throne. He earned popularity by remitting taxes, but his rule was weak, and he was deposed in favor of his nephew, Shapur III.
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In the relief depicting the coronation of Ardashir II, Ahuramazda is seen standing right next to the king.(55) Absolute authority did not only win out, but with Zoroastrianism it became divinely sanctioned.