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occidentalis Linnaeus, brown I R pelican Family Phalacrocoracidae (cormorants) Phalacrocorax auritus (Lesson), I O double-crested cormorant Family Fregatidae (frigatebirds) Fregata magnificens Mathews, I R magnificent frigatebird Order Ciconiiformes (herons, ibises, storks, and allies) Family Ardeidae (bitterns and herons) Ardea alba (Linnaeus), great I O egret Ardea herodias Linnaeus, great I C blue heron Botaurus lentiginosus (Rackett), I R American bittern Bubulcus ibis (Linnaeus), cattle I R egret Butorides virescens (Linnaeus), I C Butorides virescens (Linnaeus), green heron Egretta caerulea (Linnaeus), little blue heron I R E.
Like the other Ardeidae, it does not appear to have been of economic or other significance to western European Palaeolithic peoples.
This vinculum is absent in Accipitridae, Pandion, Falco, Ardeidae, Cochleariidae, Cuculidae, Upupa, Dendrocopos, Coracias, and all passerine birds thus far studied (Hudson 1948, George and Berger 1966, Vanden Berge 1970, Raikow 1987).
We are clearly dealing with a member of the Ardeidae, the heron family.