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Because there have been few studies of this species of Arecaceae to date, there is a lack of knowledge on the germination processes and the techniques that will enable the conservation of the babassu palm.
The fertile alluvial soils support plant communities with high abundance of Arecaceae, Heliconiaceae, Marantaceae and Urticaceae.
Pólen arbóreo é representado pelas espécies de Annonaceae, Apocynaceae, Arecaceae, Bignoniaceae, Boraginaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae, Flacourticaceae, Lauraceae, Meliaceae, Myrsinaceae, Myrtaceae, Sapindaceae e Tiliaceae.
No Perfil 2, esta palinozona é também caracterizada pelo aumento na quantidade e variedade de pólen arbóreo (28,0-37,5%), representado pelas espécies de Apocynaceae, Arecaceae, Calliandra, Celtis, Clethraceae, Euphorbiaceae, Ilex, Lauraceae, Magnolia, Meliaceae, Myrtaceae, Rapanea, Rubiaceae e Solanaceae.
Similar nectaries occur in several other monocots from a broad phylogenetic range, including the commelinids Arecaceae, Bromeliaceae, Haemodoraceae (Dransfield et al.
It has a wide host-plant range mostly within the Arecaceae (palms), but it also attacks some plants within the Cannaceae, Pandanaceae, Musaceae, Heliconiaceae, Zingiberaceae, and Strelitziaceae (Carrillo et al.
Arecaceae is a large and economically important family of monocots with ca.
Vessel diameter in palms relates to whether a species is rhizomatous, erect, or climbing (Klotz, 1977), not to its phylogenetic position within the family Arecaceae.
The genera of plants that produce fleshy fruits are too numerous to mention, but important plant families include Anacardiaceae (sumac, mango), Arecaceae (palm), Berberidaceae (barberry), Cactaceae (cactus), Capparaceae (capper), Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle), Cornaceae (dogwood), Cucurbitaceae (cucumber, squash), Ericaceae (blueberry, heather), Grossulariaceae (gooseberry, currant), Lauraceae (laurel), Moraceae (mulberry, fig), Myrtaceae (myrtle), Oleaceae (olive), Piperaceae (piper), Rhamnaceae (buckthorn), Rosaceae (blackberry, raspberry, cherry, apple, pear), Sapindaceae (soapberry), Solanaceae (nightshade), Viscaceae (mistletoe), Vitaceae (grape), and many others (Smith, 1977; Snow, 1981; Jordano, 2000).
Harvesting impact and economic value of Geonoma deversa, Arecaceae, an understory palm used for roof thatching in the Peruvian Amazon.