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I know Arendt said not to focus on year-to-year growth, but I think the most relevant number unearthed in her report was about referral traffic from Facebook, the data-stealing, election-throwing social media platform everyone seems to hate these days.
"Steady growth month-over-month growth like that is more likely due to engaged audiences and not changes to their algorithm," Arendt said, who speculated that Facebook's string of bad publicity might be forcing them to serve more quality content to keep users satisfied.
She invites us to return and reexamine both Heidegger's and Arendt's writings, and to consider whether Arendt was correct to appropriate Heidegger's method of reading and thinking, but to employ it within and to world rather than apart from it.
En su texto "La tradicion y la Edad Moderna" (3) * y en los manuscritos del proyecto "Los elementos totalitarios del marxismo", Arendt lee a Marx a partir de la pregunta por la relacion de este autor con la tradicion del pensamiento politico occidental.