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in zoology: see paper nautiluspaper nautilus
or argonaut,
pelagic, surface-dwelling cephalopod mollusk of the genus Argonauta. Like the closely related octopus, the paper nautilus has a rounded body, eight tentacles, and no fins. It is so named for the beautiful papery shell, up to 8 in.
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Beginning from Apollo; studies in Apollonius Rhodius and the Argonautic tradition.
The 408 dactylic hexameters of Catullus 64, an epithalamium occupying the very center of the poet's slim yet hugely influential corpus, honor the wedding of the future parents of Achilles, the mortal Argonautic hero Peleus and the goddess Thetis.
(4) This was not the only reference to the Argonautic myth in this trial; Atratinus called Caelius `pulchellulum Iasonem', and was himself cast as `Pelia cincinnatus' by Caelius (see Austin on 18.6 `Palatinam Medeam' and Wiseman [n.
When treating individual lines on the cloak (and other passages discussed), Thiel examines the relationship between the Argonautic text and its models, especially Homeric, and here too he makes good on his promise to approach ecphrasis in the context of contemporary poetics.
The puzzling motif of Jonah's flight, however, is connected to the Argonautic cycle of stories in two ways.
In accounts of the Argonautic expedition, Ancaeus became helmsman of the Argo after the death of Tiphys.
It reminds me of the Argonautic expedition, and would inspire the dullest to take flight over Parnassus.