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'Matt receiving a PECASE is an incredible honor, well justified by the remarkable success he has had in tackling one of the most challenging problems in physics today,' said John Arrington, interim director of Argonne's Physics division.
United States-based PJM Interconnection has collaborated with the United States Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory to support the integration of distributed energy resources such as residential and commercial solar into the power grid serving 13 states and the District of Columbia.
The high-resolution forecasting insights provided to AT&T by climate and infrastructure scientists from Argonne helped AT&T data scientists develop a Climate Change Analysis Tool that can help anticipate the potential impacts of climate change on AT&T's network infrastructure and business operations 30 years into the future.
There is tremendous scientific benefit to our nation that comes from collaborations like this one with the Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, and industry partners Intel and Cray, said Argonne National Laboratory Director Paul Kearns.
Cams, software engineer at Argonne s Mathematics and Computer Science division and Darshan project lead, in an exclusive interview with R&D Magazine.
"The message I'm trying to deliver to the outside world is that we do some pretty cool things in national security here at Argonne National Laboratory that the broader community doesn't know about," he said in an interview at the lab.
In "American Expeditionary Forces in the Great War: The Meuse Argonne 1918: Breaking the Line", author Maarten Otte gives a background narrative to events before the opening of the Offensive and its development.
The transaction provides liquidity to long-standing investors in certain Argonne portfolio companies as well as growth capital for selected assets.
Argonne's newly developed battery cell is a protective coating for the lithium metal anode, which prevents the anode from reacting with oxygen and hence deteriorating.
National Fitness Partners said with these newly acquired clubs and the continued financial support of Argonne, it expects to expand the Planet Fitness brand in the Carolinas and beyond.
Department of Energy's ( Argonne National Laboratory can absorb up to 90 times its weight in oil, and it can be reused.