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In programming, a value that is passed between programs, subroutines or functions. Arguments are independent items, or variables, that contain data or codes. When an argument is used to customize a program for a user, it is typically called a "parameter." See argc.
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The research team, led by Newcastle University's Professor David Graham said that blaNDM-1 and other medically-important ARGs were found in Arctic soils that were likely spread in the faecal matter of birds, other wildlife and human visitors to the area.
This Antibiotic-Resistant Gene (ARG), originally found in Indian clinical settings, conditionally provides multi-drug resistance (MDR) in microorganisms, revealed the research team from UK's Newcastle University.
Researchers, led by Newcastle University's Professor David Graham, say the bla and other medically-important ARGs that were found in Arctic soils were likely to have been spread in the faecal matter of migratory birds, other wildlife and human visitors to the area.
Today, Darvasi, Fallon and Aviles --now edtech coach in the Fair Haven School District in New Jersey--say they've seen better attendance, participation and comprehension among students who get immersed in ARGs, even games that don't tie directly to a particular subject.
Hence, human disease genes are available for the analysis of their effects on ARGs.
operator tel prefix args down type parameters GName condition r [member of] GName [??] GName fixpoint y where down [union] down ; y order{a [??] b | a [member of] GName [??] GName [conjunction] a [member of equal to] b} end The transitive closure of the relation down allow us to determine all the pairs (g1 [??] g2) such that up(g1) = g2.
From the HIV entry receptor on lymphoid cells to oncogenes in human glioblastomas, AIDS restriction genes (ARGs) are widely involved in biological pathways, and nearly 40 ARGs have been studied in depth through functional analyses [512].
Moreover, most of the widespread of antibiotic-resistance genes (ARGs) (Pruden et al., 2006) are discovered in the genes of bacteria (Liu and Pop, 2009), which could be resistant after exposure to sub lethal doses of antibiotics, even an antibiotic-free environment (Rodriguez-Verdugo et al., 2013).
The antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARB) are creating a major public health issue, globally, owing to their presence and spread, especially in aquatic ecosystems that are known for the ARB and antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs).