Arguedas, José Maria

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Arguedas, José Maria


Born in 1913 in Andahuaylas. Peruvian writer. Representative of the Indianist school.

Arguedas is the author of the collection of short stories Water (1935) and the novels The Yawar Fiesta (1941), Diamonds and Flint (1954), Deep Rivers (1958), and Blood of All Races (1964). The novels give a realistic picture of Indian life and of the clash and interpenetration of two cultures (white and Indian) in Peru.


Runa Yupay. [Lima, 1939.]
El Sexto. [Lima], 1961.
La Agonía de Rasu Niti. [Lima], 1962.
In Russian translation:
“Shkol’niki.” “Voda.” Internatsional’naia literatura, 1936, no. 9.


Tamayo Vargas, Augusto. Literatura peruana, vol. 2. Lima, [1965]. Pages 846–851.


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