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(är`go͞on`), Mandarin Ergun, river, 950 mi (1,529 km) long, rising in the Da Hinggan Mts., Heilongjiang prov., NE China, as the Hailar River and flowing W to the Russian border, then NE along the Russian-China frontier, where it joins the Shilka River to form the Amur. The Chinese Eastern RR, a branch of the Trans-Siberian RR, follows the upper Argun valley. Hailar, China, is the largest city on the river. Corn, grains, and sugar beets are grown in the fertile Argun valley. Silver, lead, and coal are found along the river banks.



a city in Shala Raion, Chechen-Ingush ASSR. Located on the Argun River (Terek Basin), with a railroad station on the Groznyi-Makhachkala line. Population, 22,000 (1968). Argun has a meat combine, sugar refinery, food-processing machinery plant, house-building combine, reinforced concrete products plant, and a heat and electric power station.



a river in the Northern Caucasus; right tributary of the Suizha River. It is 148 km long, and the area of its basin is 3,390 sq km.

The Argun begins as the outflow of several glaciers on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus. In its lower reaches it flows through a valley. It is fed by various sources and usually does not entirely freeze over. The city of Argun is located along the river.



a river in the USSR and China. After its confluence with the Shilka River, it forms the Amur River. It is 1,620 km long, and its basin is 164,000 sq km. It rises in the Great Khinghan Mountains in China, where it is called the Hailar. At its source it flows through a broad valley with an extensive floodplain, but the valley narrows closer to its mouth. It is fed mostly by rain.

In years of abundant precipitation it joins with the Dalainor lake basin. It freezes at the end of November, and the ice breaks up at the beginning of May. Its chief tributaries are the Urov, Uriumkan, and Gazimur on the left; and the Ken and Niu-erh rivers on the right. The navigability of the river is irregular.

The Argun’ is inhabited by around 60 species of fish, including commercial varieties such as the white amur, sazan, and Siberian salmon. Since the second half of the 17th century, trade routes have followed the Argun’ from Siberia to the centers of eastern China.

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