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Denmark: see AarhusAarhus
, city (1992 pop. 204,139), capital of Aarhus co., central Denmark, on Aarhus Bay, an arm of the Kattegat. The second largest city in Denmark, it is a commercial, industrial, and shipping center.
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(also Aarhus), a city and a port in Denmark, situated east of Jutland Peninsula, on Århus Bay, which opens into the Kattegat. Administrative center of the amt (county) of Århus; population, 119,600 (1971). Århus is a railroad junction and a commercial and industrial center. It has machine-building (equipment and refrigerators), oil-refining, chemical, textile, and food industries. The city is the site of a university.

Århus, one of Denmark’s oldest cities, was first mentioned in 948. The old city, which is situated on both shores of Århus Bay, is the site of a Romanesque-Gothic cathedral (13th to 15th centuries), the Romanesque-Gothic Church of Our Lady (late 11th through 15th centuries), and the old city hall (1857). Modern architecture in Århus includes the new city hall (1938–42, architects C. F. Møller and A. Jacobsen), E. Thomsen’s and E. Heiberg’s buildings, K. Nielsen’s monuments (1921–24), and the university complex. Århus is the site of the open-air Old Town Museum, which includes about 50 old houses, mostly framed structures from various regions of Denmark. The city also has an art museum, which houses modern Danish painting.


Aarhus gennem tiderne, vols. 1–4. Århus, 1939–41.


, Århus
a city and port in Denmark, in E Jutland. Pop.: 228 547 (2004 est.)
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In recent years, the counseling/psychology researchers at universities have focused on interdisciplinary research, exploring learning and relational interactions within social contexts, such as work and educational settings (University of Alborg, 2009; University of Arhus, 2009).
Results showed that the disability scores on the Arhus index changed with the pain component, but that the activity of the physical impairment scale was more complex.
In 1994, the Arhus low back pain index was introduced as feasible tool to monitor the outcome in clinical low back pain trials (Manniche et al.
Arhus University Hospital, Arhus, Denmark; ([dagger]) Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark; and ([double dagger]) Dronning Ingrids Hospital, Nuuk, Greenland
Magical Pictures of the World," on streets of Arhus shows scenes from Andersen's fairy tales.
In a similarly Christmassy incident, former Denmark midfielder Stig Tofting was dismissed by Arhus for fighting at the club's festive party.
Major long-distance lines and heavily populated urban areas, like Copenhagen and Arhus, would be the first cities to receive wireless Internet services.
An undercover investigation of Danish airports by daily newspaper Urban has reportedly found terror security lacking as a journalist using the name of a wanted al-Qaeda terrorist was able to buy an SAS ticket and fly from Copenhagen to Arhus.
Henrik Madsen, a reporter on Danish newspaper Arhus Stiftstidende, said: ``She (Storr) was charged with murder but the police wanted to put them both on trial.
By the time of the Fourth Study Conference (University of Arhus, Denmark, 14-19 August 1962), on the general theme of 'Revaluations', participation had risen to a total of 99 members from 13 countries, although the number of papers was notably still contained at little over a dozen.
When founded in 1856 in the Jutland city of Arhus (now the second largest city in Denmark), Ceres was the first Danish brewery to be built outside the walls of the city in which it was located.