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Each of their studies used the Arhus index as an assessment tool (which includes a physical impairment component).
In 2000, as part of a renewal of the Grauballe Man exhibit, the body was re-examined over a three-day period at the University Hospitals in nearby Arhus.
In 1994, the Arhus low back pain index was introduced as feasible tool to monitor the outcome in clinical low back pain trials (Manniche et al.
Arhus University Hospital, Arhus, Denmark; ([dagger]) Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark; and ([double dagger]) Dronning Ingrids Hospital, Nuuk, Greenland
Sorensen misses this week's friendly with the Republic of Ireland in Arhus with a hamstring injury that is likely to sideline him for the next two weeks.
Department of Occupational Medicine Arhus University Hospital Arhus, Denmark
The book at hand, based on a conference held at the University of Arhus in 1998, is testimony to how far this direction of scholarship has come.
The conference's libraries and technology stream featured Rolf Hapel, the director of the Arhus Public Library Denmark and winner of the Gates award in 2004 www.
The question of food coloring in nectars--all natural, that is--has gained scientific attention thanks to a gardener in the green-houses at Arhus University in Denmark.
tridens in the second instar were collected in a small forest near Arhus, Denmark, 56[degrees]07'N, 10[degrees]00'E, in late April 2003 by sifting leaf litter over a white tray.