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An outgrowth of the funiculus in certain seeds that either remains as an appendage or envelops the seed.



(also caruncle), an appendage of a seed. Arils, which are usually succulent and fleshy, attract birds and ants that distribute the seeds. Some types of arils are called arillodes and arilli.

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Peel total weight (pericarp) was calculated by subtracting aril weight from fruit weight.
We also use [pomegranate] a lot for desserts; you can make a nice cheesecake with pomegranate, where you just put the arils on top, or you make a tart if it's the season.
The aril and peel samples together showed a higher antioxidant activity than did the arils alone.
In the laboratory, the aril and the seeds were separated and sun-dried until constant weight was obtained.
They possess an edible aril (rich in vitamin C) that is white or translucent, sweet and juicy and clings to the testa seed (NAKASONE; PAULL, 1998; SMITH et al.
Enrique is also keen to wipe away the memories of the 2-0 loss against the Premier League's lowest budget team - their first at home since Aril 2009.
We started filming in Aril 2009 and ended at the Copenhagen summit.
Supporting Telenor Sweden in its efforts to ensure everybody in the country can have access to a broadband connection is in line with our own market vision of broadband everywhere in a few years," said Aril Aanonsen, Head of Telenor Customer Team at Nokia Siemens Networks.
As we relish each aril, I think of the Rosh Hashanah prayer, "In the coming year may we be rich and replete with acts inspired by religion and piety as the pomegranate is rich and replete with seeds.
AIDS Project Worcester, aril AIDS service organization, launched a new program this year called the W.