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, anc. Ariminum, city (1991 pop. 127,960), in Emilia-Romagna, N central Italy, on the Adriatic Sea. It is a highly diversified industrial, commercial, and railroad center and a fashionable beach resort. Tourism is extremely important.
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, Italy.
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In 359 when the Councils of Ariminum (Rimini) and Seleucia drop all reference to the divine ousia and state only that the Son is "like" (homoios) the Father, most bishops acquiesce, owing to imperial pressure and the lack of real commitment to the Nicene formula.
carefully charts the careers of both men and their efforts to restore to the Nicene faith those bishops who had capitulated at the Western Council of Ariminum.
Basil's Trinitarian thought found its most lasting expression in the period of controversy leading up to the dual councils of Ariminum and Seleucia in 359.