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see MaccabeesMaccabees
or Machabees
, Jewish family of the 2d and 1st cent. B.C. that brought about a restoration of Jewish political and religious life. They are also called Hasmoneans or Asmoneans after their ancestor, Hashmon.
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Josephus's dating of Salome's two marriages (the first to a certain Philip, the second to a cousin Aristobulus) are inconsistent with her age as a young girl on the night of John's death.
Aristobulus), they feared that they too might suffer imprisonment, and even death, if they were to vex Antipas.
Digby's patron, Bristol (Aristobulus) is portrayed as an honest, intellectually vigorous courtier, who had "in effect concluded the match" until the sudden death of the Egyptian king invalidated the treaties (PM 116).
7.26.3 implies that this story was not given by Ptolemy and Aristobulus, but Badian 1968:185-86 argues that the detail given by the other sources probably was in Hieronymus's account, whether or not it was historical.
As a young woman she was married to Judah Aristobulus. At the time, Judea was divided between the Pharisees and the Sadducees.
This attitude was made clear when, in discussing the various Jewish sects, he said, "[The Pharisees] separated themselves with a kind of spontaneous, superficial, and inverted sanctity and morality in order to show themselves to be the best and most outstanding Jews." (31) When Aristobulus (105 B.C.E.) became leader of Judea at the death of his father Hyrcanus and assumed the trappings of royalty, according to Bertram, the Maccabees insinuated tyranny into the Jewish polity.
In Egypt, Artapanus, Ezekiel, The Letter of Aristeas, Aristobulus and Philo represent `convergence' with the ambient culture, while antagonism toward that culture is determinative of Wisdom of Solomon, 3 Maccabees, Joseph and Aseneth, and the Egyptian Sibylline Oracles.
It was expressed in the decree confirming Simon's rule, quoted above, which praised him for his actions against the gentiles, but which was formulated in Greek style, and was based on the political ideology and practice of Greek democracy.(42) The double names, Hebrew and Greek, of the rulers of the Maccabean dynasty, from the generation of John Hyrcanus (134-104 BCE) down, as well as the nickname adopted by Judah Aristobulus I (104-103 BCE) - philhellen, "lover of Greeks"-are further evidence of the forces pulling in the direction of accommodation with the outside world.
In this section (11.11.4) there is a remarkable amount of detail concerning Alexander's activities in Bactria-Sogdiana, which is best explained if Strabo was using the work of a writer or writers contemporary with Alexander and familiar with the geographical features, namely Ptolemy and/or Aristobulus. In the first sentence of the next section Strabo cites Aristobulus for a description of the river Polytimetus in Sogdiana.
Alexander the Great is just dead; I do not think he was poisoned; betwixt you and me, all those are but idle stories: it is certain that neither Ptolemy nor Aristobulus thought so, and they were with him when [he] died.
His successful request gave him the opportunity to command troops against Aristobulus of Judaea and Archelaus in Alexandria (Plus.
'The History of Celinda and Aristobulus: or, the Widowed Wife.