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It seems that the only arithmatic at which Railtrack excel is when they put up the ticket prices to get passengers to pay for such dopey incompetence.
An unweighted pair group method using arithmatic averages (UPGMA) cluster analysis was then performed using Nei's unbiased genetic identity.
Lessons in reading, writing and arithmatic, tied in with a curriculum full of life skills, were beginning to give Moyah an edge he had never had before.
Note: Relative Welfare Index (RWI): It is the arithmatic average of the three indices.
Values for a, the scale factor, have been determined by the value of b and the arithmatic mean of the distribution; in this way, the distribution for any given year will be centered on the average expenditure per user.
The Hexagon 690 DSP has a dedicated Tensor accelerator to crunch through complex arithmatic compution used in AI much faster.
La diversidad [beta] se estimo a traves del analisis de similitud mediante el coeficiente de similitud de Jaccard ([I.sub.j]) con un analisis de cluster y UPGMA (Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmatic Mean), mediante el programa PAST V 3.0 (Hammer et al.
Para cada par de aislamientos se determino el grado de similitud utilizando el coeficiente de similaridad de Dice (Sneath y Sokal, 1973), y luego construir un dendograma mediante el algoritmo UPGMA (Unweighted pair Group Method with Arithmatic Mean).
The way to measure your body mass index, or BMI as its known in the trade, involves a little basic arithmatic.
The 227-bp sequences were aligned with Clusta1W (Thompson 1994), and distance-based unweighted pair group method with arithmatic mean (UPGMA) and ML methods were used to make the analysis.
It's a careful preparation for learning the formalities of arithmatic, reading and writing; putting in place the ideas behind them."
Even so, a Daily Mail leader writer could not resist suggesting that half the problem lay in neglecting an old-fashioned emphasis on "reading, writing and ARITHMATIC."