Ariwara Narihira

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Ariwara Narihira


Born 825; died 880. Japanese poet; wrote in the tanka genre.

Ariwara was famous for his elegant romantic and nature lyrics; many of his tankas were included in official court anthologies—Kokinwakashu (tenth century) and others. A separate collection of his poems, Ariwara-asonshu, has been preserved. The image of Ariwara and his adventures often served as material for tales, narratives, and dramas. They provide the basis for the plot of the novella Ise monogatari, which also included his poems.


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The brevity and often the ambiguity of the tanka (a five-line, fixed-form verse) gave rise to a need for such explanations, and when these explanations became extended or (as in the case of Ise monogatari) were interpreted as biographical information about one poet (Ariwara Narihira), they approached the realm of fiction.