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Doug Ducey has tapped a state parks director from Colorado to serve as the new director of Arizona State Parks and Trails.
The storm clouds gathered over Tonto in early 2010, when the Arizona State Parks Board voted to dose 13 of its 27 parks.
The largest private donation to the Arizona State Parks Board was among the casualties of an $8.6-million sweep of parks accounts by the state legislature.
Walk in the footsteps of cultures past when you visit Arizona state parks. With an abundance of historical sites in the state, you can journey in any direction and glimpse how people of yesteryear lived and played.
The Arizona State Parks Board participated in surveys that catalogued rare species in the area.
Cheryl Steenerson, director of public relations for Arizona state parks, says, "The tables, water fountains, rest rooms, and Visitor's Center are all accessible."
Embattled Arizona State Parks Director Sue Black has been placed on administrative leave after allegations emerged that her department ignored state protections for an archeological site at Lake Havasu State Park and bulldozed Native antiquities in order to develop the land.
Arizona State Parks executive director Bryan Martyn wants to borrow strategies from the hotel industry--for example, adjusting campsite fees by Location, so campers will pay more for a lakeside site than for one away from the water.
For a complete listing of all state parks and their facilities, contact the Arizona State Parks Department in Phoenix at 602-542-4174.

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