Arkansas State University

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Arkansas State University,

at Jonesboro; coeducational; chartered 1909; named State Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1925–33. In 1933 the school became Arkansas State College, and in 1967 it achieved university status and adopted its present name.
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Opal Hill and the late Clarence Hill, received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science at commencement exercises held at Arkansas State College. Hill has accepted a position with the Missouri State Parole Board at Columbia, Mo.
Arkansas State University was Arkansas State College, and the KASC name was already taken.
After she got her master's degree, she began her college teaching at Arkansas State College. She was a woman with Lincoln Continental Town Cars, diamond rings and mink coats, having lived a life in which money was no problem.
They encouraged their son to do well in school and go on to college which he did, finishing top of his high school class and earning a scholarship to Arkansas State College for pre-engineering.
Located on the campus of Arkansas State College in Jonesboro, KASU reflected the eventual name of Arkansas State University a decade before it became a university.
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