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However, within minutes any skepticism I had was washed away by the warm sensation generated by the machine's hand-held device as it was rubbed back and forth over my arm pit.
Within seconds my crisp white shirt has stuck to my body like a damp shower curtain and I have concentric Arm pit sweat rings reminiscent of a 70s maths teacher.
Ex-soldier Richard Williams, 44, is accused of stabbing his wife Lorraine, who bled to death at their Abercwmboi home on the evening of Friday, April 3, from a knife wound under her arm pit.
They had a crutch each which they quickly 'fixed' under their arm pit. One of them pulled up his left leg in 'V' shape to give the impression of being a lame person.
To help give you a feeling of connection a good drill is to place a headcover under your left arm pit, then make a few small swings with an eight iron taking the club no further back than waist height either side.
Miss Holt said that at hospital it was found that Mr Arnold, 46, had suffered three stab wounds to his chest, left arm pit and left shoulder blade and had bleeding into chest cavity.
He underwent emergency surgery to remove the spike which had gone through his right arm pit and out through his shoulder.
The lesion was chemically frozen off at Colwyn Bay's Rysseldene Surgery but despite repeat appointments at the surgery where he complained of pea-sized lumps and pain in his arm pit and shoulder over a three-year period, he was not diagnosed with malignant melanoma until August 2011.
The test is the first of its kind in the North West and will check whether their cancer has spread to the lymph nodes (glands located in the arm pit) within 30 minutes.
Police had been called to Wilburn Street in Anfield after Adrian Brooker allegedly shouted threats to a 17-year-old girl neighbour and was seen to put a knife under his arm pit.
"He's got a nice arm pit." WHAT GRACE SEES IN LOVER MIKEY.
That's because no matter where it comes from, be it your palms or arm pits, sweat is odorless.