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robbery, in law, felonious taking of property from a person against his will by threatening or committing force or violence. The injury or threat may be directed against the person robbed, his property, or the person or property of his relative or of anyone in his presence at the time of the robbery. There is no robbery unless force or fear is used to overcome resistance. Thus, surreptitiously picking a man's pocket or snatching something from him without resistance on his part is larceny, but not robbery. Robbery differs from extortion, where force or fear are used to obtain the consent of the victim. The distinction, however, is tenuous. In some states there are several degrees of robbery with graduated penalties; aggravating circumstances—e.g., the use of firearms—result in a greater penalty.
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(in Russian, grabezh), in criminal law, the overt theft of state or social property or of the personal property of citizens, committed without violence against the person or with violence that does not endanger the person’s life or health. Robbery differs from theft (krazha) because the removal of property is overt and from brigandage (razboi) because the violence involved is less dangerous.

In the USSR the criminal codes of the union republics establish different degrees of responsibility for robbery with intent to gain possession of state or social property and robbery with intent to gain possession of the personal property of citizens (for example, articles 90 and 145 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR). The law distinguishes between robbery without aggravating circumstances (that is, committed without violence) and robbery with aggravating circumstances (committed with violence that does not endanger life or health or according to a previous agreement among a group of persons or committed repeatedly). If the victim suffers considerable loss, robbery of personal property is also classified as robbery with aggravating circumstances. Robbery that is committed by recidivists or that is done on a large scale is particularly serious. Robbery is punished by deprivation of freedom for up to 15 years (depending on the type of robbery involved).


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What does it mean when you dream about a robbery?

Being robbed of one’s valuables may indicate that the dreamer is experiencing an identity crisis or a loss in his or her life (e.g., a divorce, serious illness, or some other irretrievable loss). (See also Burglar, Stealing, Thieves/Theft).

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Criminal law the stealing of property from a person by using or threatening to use force
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