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Armenian language,

member of the Thraco-Phrygian subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Indo-EuropeanIndo-European,
family of languages having more speakers than any other language family. It is estimated that approximately half the world's population speaks an Indo-European tongue as a first language.
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). There is evidence that in ancient times a distinct subfamily of Indo-European languages existed that is now called Thraco-Phrygian. To it belonged Phrygian (an ancient and now extinct Indo-European language of Anatolia) and Thracian (a now dead Indo-European tongue of the Balkans in antiquity). Modern Armenian may well be a direct descendant of Phrygian. Today Armenian is the mother tongue of more than 5 million people, of whom over 3 million live in Armenia; 1 million live elsewhere in the republics of the former Soviet Union; and the rest are in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the United States. Armenian is an old, rich, and vital language. Although spoken in antiquity, it was not recorded in writing until the early 5th cent. A.D. At that time an alphabet of 36 letters was specially designed for Armenian by St. Mesrop, who used Greek and Iranian letters as a basis. Later, two more letters were added to the alphabet. In its early, or classical, form, Armenian is called Grabar or Krapar. This was the literary language until the 19th cent. and is still the liturgical language of the Armenian Church (see Armenian literatureArmenian literature.
The Armenian Church fostered literature, and the principal early works are religious or hagiographical, most of them translations. The first major Armenian literary work is a 5th cent.
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). It differed greatly from the spoken language. Grammatically, it has six cases for the noun and nine tenses for the verb, but it has lost gender. The modern form of Armenian, now used for literature as well as for speaking, dates from the 16th cent. and is known as Ashksarhik or Ashksarhabar. Its grammar is simpler than that of Classical Armenian. The history of the Armenian people is reflected in the sources of the words borrowed by their language. For example, Armenian has absorbed words from Persian, owing to Parthian domination in the centuries immediately before and after Jesus, from Greek and Syriac as a result of Christian influence, from French during the Crusades, and from Turkish in the course of several centuries of Turkish rule. For grammars see S. L. Kogian (1949) and K. H. Gulian (1954); John A. Greppin and A. A. Khachaturian, Handbook of Armenian Dialectology (1986).
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All these constitute a real threat to the Armenian language, culture and civilisation.
It drifts off into the world of the weird only when Russell introduces an obscure Armenian text, The Key of Truth, where we learn that Satan, who came originally in the form of a snake, addressed Adam and Eve in the Classical Armenian language.
As for the library, it includes more than 1,700 books and 90,000 manuscripts in the Armenian language for the most part, but some are also in Latin and Greek.
Radio 6's broadcast in Kurdish language will last for whole day while broadcasts in Armenian language will be made twice a day.
In 2002, Cyprus deposited on a declaration on the recognition of the Armenian Language
Since its creation, the letters were never changed or reformed, making the Armenian language one of the most extremely precise languages,'' said Armond Gorgorian, executive director of the Homenetmen chapter.
The two countries maintained strong cultural ties which have been enhanced by the organization of cultural days and shows in Syria and Armenia, not to mention the Armenian cultural associations in Syria and the keenness of Damascus University on teaching the Armenian Language at the Higher Institute of Languages.
Accompanied by a delegation, Layyoun visited Yerevan on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of printing in the Armenian language and to celebrate Yerevan as World Book Capital 2012.
The broadcasting in Armenian language, within the scope of "voice of Turkey", started on Thursday.
The seven-year programme is based on the public school curriculum, with emphasis on Armenian language and history.
And these citizens, like the rest of Los Angeles County citizens, deserve access to our electoral process in the Armenian language.
When asked what it takes to be a competent journalist in the Armenian language, Djeredjian said that both strong journalism skills and a sound knowledge of Armenian are equally important.

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