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see Arminius, JacobusArminius, Jacobus
, 1560–1609, Dutch Reformed theologian, whose original name was Jacob Harmensen. He studied at Leiden, Marburg, Geneva, and Basel and in 1588 became a pastor at Amsterdam.
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However, the Arminian Wesley also was troubled by Brainerd's anxiety over the quality of his works and salvation.
Both puritans and Calvinist conformists would agree with that, but Arminian Andrewes instead prefers to emphasize the "beauty of holiness,"(26) which he interprets as outward order in church worship.
As General Baptists engaged in various internal theological disputes over the Trinity and other doctrines, the Arminian approach to salvation moved from confessions of faith to strangely warmed hearts due to the Wesleyan revivals of the eighteenth century, evidenced in Dan Taylor and the New Baptist Connection.
Hampton devotes the major part of his study to a detailed analysis of three controversies: the Reformed responses to George Bull's Arminian Harmonia Apostolica (1670), to William Sherlock's A Vindication of the Doctrine of the Trinity (1690), and to Samuel Clark's The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity (1712), which led to the so-called Arian controversy, an anti-Trinitarian move that Hampton argues should more properly be termed subordinationism.
Indeed, there is no evidence that the Baptist union movement, as it developed, was influenced by any notion of the "sin of a divided Christendom." That different groups and stripes of Baptists regarded one another as potential collaborators was a testimony to a common heritage and understanding of the Christian faith, even if some Arminian Baptist groups from New England made that common heritage more difficult to recognize.
The Arminian position had well-respected spokesmen: Samuel Harris, Jeremiah Walker, and John Waller.
On the other, it denotes an "extreme ideological development" of that same spirit, with strong ties to Arminian sacramentalism and to Charles I's notion of sacramental kingship (91).
Other internal debates on Calvinist and Arminian emphases are served by the availability of these texts.
He did all he could to shore up the Arminian party and protect it from the polluting tide of Puritanism'.
Where James kept an even keel in religion, Charles tacked increasingly toward Arminian innovation.
Perceived as an antidote to the destructiveness of the seventeenth century, Grotius' Arminian, quasi-Socinian, and ecumenical views appear again and again, usually in a favorable light.
Heylyn's Puritan conspiracy has given way to Prynne's Arminian conspiracy.