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see Arminius, JacobusArminius, Jacobus
, 1560–1609, Dutch Reformed theologian, whose original name was Jacob Harmensen. He studied at Leiden, Marburg, Geneva, and Basel and in 1588 became a pastor at Amsterdam.
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In addition, the Calvinistic emphasis on God as sovereign also makes this worldview (i.e., an interpretive set of assumptions about human nature, existential beliefs about meaning in life and the cosmos, beliefs about society and institutions, and core values; Koltko-Rivera, 2004) more deterministic than Arminianism, which retains a stronger place for human freedom.
46-48; Nicholas Tyaeke, Anti-Calvinists: The Rise of English Arminianism c.
Such strong Calvinistic words as "predestination", "election" and "effectual calling", however, have altogether vanished in the Twelve Articles, which stress rather a universalistic and voluntaristic Arminianism in article IX: "He [God] maketh a full and free offer of salvation to all men, ..." and "It]hose who believe in Christ and obey Him are saved".
Pietism was to Baumgarten what Arminianism was to Warburton and Vernet, but Sorkin also traces the influence of Dutch Collegialism and English moderatism on Baumgarten's defense of "the true middle way"--a way that included appeals to natural law, natural religion, and revelation and scripture.
Not until 1785, after a bruising political battle, did the Second Parish finally break free and hire a minister, Aaron Bancroft, a believer in Arminianism and stoutly opposed to the Calvinist doctrine of predestination.
Their examination of wills and other forms of bequest reveal the extent to which lay attitudes reflected a lay understanding of theological disputes on salvation, sacramentalism, Calvinism and Arminianism, and images.
Social Darwinism melds with Protestant Arminianism to produce the message that God shows favor to the deserving faithful in the form of wealth.
But they will fail, as will all other heretical movements Edwards perceived to be threatening the purity of the Gospel: "There will be an end to Socinianism, and Arianism, and Quakerism, and Arminianism; and Deism, which is now so bold and confident in infidelity....
To appreciate a poet who is both "agile" and "daring," both "nuanced" and "commanding," White traces her and her family's move from Presbyterianism into a nonconformist position characterized theologically by Arianism (Christ was neither simply man nor an equal person in a Trinitarian God) and morally by Arminianism (an anti-Calvinist critique of predestined election and damnation that viewed human moral and emotional capacities more positively).
The perspective of this study is interesting, for while the nature of Arminianism has been the subject of many studies, focusing in particular on the tensions between strict Calvinists and more liberal forces in the Netherlands and England, the thought of Arminius himself has received considerably less detailed attention.
But possible alternative labels such as 'Arminianism', 'sacramentalism', 'ceremonialism', 'High Church movement' are even less satisfactory.
The analysis of De Doctrina Christiana and Paradise Lost is particularly illuminating on the subject of Milton's Arminianism. Fallon finds in God's speech on election in Book 3 a paradox between an Arminian account of salvation and the apparent defence of a Calvinist category of the super-elect.