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Armored Car


a wheeled combat vehicle with armor and weapons, intended for reconnaissance, security, and communications. The first armored cars, equipped with cannon and machine guns, were built in England in 1900-02 and were used in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). The Russian Army possessed approximately 160 armored cars by the end of World War I (1914-18). In 1918 the Red Army had 37 armored detachments with 148 vehicles. Armored cars were used by many other armies during World War II (1939-45). Special-purpose armored cars were developed during the postwar era, such as the Soviet Army’s armored reconnaissance patrol vehicle (the BRDM).

Light armored cars weigh up to 4 tons, whereas medium and heavy armored cars exceed 8 tons. Armored cars are mounted with cannon and machine guns, thus allowing combat with enemy personnel, means of fire, and light armored objectives. Armored cars have three or four crew members and a maximum speed of 90-100 km per hour; they are capable of going 500 to 750 km without refueling. Modern armored cars are either amphibious or are capable of negotiating deep fords (up to 1.4 m in depth). Each vehicle has a centralized tire air pressure control system that provides high cross-country maneuverability. Armored cars are equipped with auxiliary equipment, such as optical sighting instruments, night-vision instrumentation, radio sets, and heaters.

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An armored limousine definitely doesn't have that much on it.
According to the Violence Policy Center (VPC), a nonprofit organization devoted to curbing violence, these rifles pack the same wallop as mortars and rockets without the same legal restrictions on use: A round fired by such a rifle can "knock down hovering helicopters, penetrate armored limousines, and ignite bulk fuel tanks from a distance of 10 football fields," according to a VPC report.
One interested organization is the Secret Service, whose drivers operate everything from sport utility vehicles to heavily armored limousines, in a wide variety of possible scenarios.
The police said they didn't have a clue, and industrialists and bankers bought armored limousines.
DALLAS -- Dallas-based Vault Services announced today the arrival of its fleet of armored limousines for Super Bowl XLIV weekend.
DALLAS -- Dallas-based Vault Services announced today it will unveil a unique super fleet of luxury armored limousines at Super Bowl XLIV.
SAN ANTONIO -- Texas Armoring Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of armored limousines and luxury bulletproof vehicles, announced today that the company will offer presidential-style limousines to the public.

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