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What does it mean when you dream about arms?

Arms are the functional and creative extensions of the body, allowing one to hold and embrace one’s desires. If the arms are obstructed in any way, a loss of one’s power and ability may be indicated.

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Stand with your feet together and your arms by your sides, palms by your outer legs.
engagement on global small arms efforts grew during the late 1990s, interest in concrete measures to mitigate their harmful effects turned to the issue of eliminating recirculating and surplus stocks in areas of concern.
These factors are related to the position of the center of gravity (slightly in front on the touch-down foot and the nose over the knees), whether the athlete is on the balls of the feet, the position and speed of the arms, and whether the athlete maintained the sprinter's posture during the take-off phase from the ground, the clearance phase, and the touch-down phase.
arms manufacturers over the past decade have achieved the undisputed lead in the global arms trade, claiming as much as two thirds of the overall market in advanced weaponry sales and nearly half of the market share in all weapons sales to the developing world.
The primary destination of most of the illicit small arms is Africa, where eleven major conflicts (involving 32 countries) have erupted during the past decade.
Further, Sadowski indicates that Middle Eastern nations, owing to declining oil prices, government economic mismanagement, and mounting civil demands for arms control, can no longer afford lavish armament purchases.
ARMs are not as attractive an investment, however, during periods when interest rates are falling sharply.
Rear Arm Raise - from the prone starting position, raise the arms posteriorly to approximately 90 degrees to the midline of the body.
The United States goes to great lengths to ensure that small arms and light weapons transferred under our jurisdiction are done so with the utmost responsibility.
With these new ATAP members now qualified as ARM Approved Design Centers, we have more than 600 engineers who are able to support ARM Powered(TM) SoC development activity, in any region and any time zone around the world.
Streamlining with flutter kick on back, using arms (three kicks to each arm stroke), count strokes after passing flags to wall.
For ARM and our Silicon Partners, it is critical that we reduce the simulation overhead by executing a 'smarter' simulation methodology.