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"Be careful what you say," said Royce gruffly, "you'll frighten Miss Armstrong."
As the woman winced and everyone else wondered, he went on: "I am somewhat used to Miss Armstrong's tremors.
Merton felt an almost bodily sickness at the sight of him; and he muttered to Gilder: "Surely you would take Miss Armstrong's word against his?"
"Yes," he said, radiating innocence, "but is Miss Armstrong's word against his?"
"It is quite true, as this fellow says," explained Royce, "that Miss Armstrong fainted with a knife in her hand.
I was called a clever man once, and might have been a happy one; Armstrong saved the remains of a brain and body from the taverns, and was always kind to me in his own way, poor fellow!
"Sir," said Alice Armstrong in a low tone to the priest, "can I speak to you alone for a moment?"
It leapt upon poor Armstrong prematurely, and by this morning he was in such a case that he sat here and cried he was in hell, in so crazy a voice that his daughter did not know it.
You and the young lady are worth more than Armstrong's obituary notices."
Armstrong within, his shoulders bowed, his head sunk on his hands, the very image of distress.
Armstrong, I think we are a little at cross-purposes," said my friend, with dignity.
Armstrong took a quick step forward and wrung Holmes by the hand.