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the highest combined arms unit in the ground forces of the armed forces of various states.

In Russia, corps as combined arms units appeared in the early 18th century. The flying corps, which was called the corps volant and consisted of 7,000 horse cavalrymen and 5,000 infantrymen, was formed in 1701. Five army corps were formed in the Russian Army in 1810, and their number was brought up to 11 in 1812. Cavalry and army corps appeared in the French Army in 1805 and in the Prussian Army in 1816.

By the beginning of World War I (1914–18) the armies of almost all states had army (or infantry) and cavalry corps, which were composed of two to four divisions and had a strength of up to 50,000 men. In the Red Army cavalry corps were formed in 1919 and rifle corps in 1921. In the Great Patriotic War (1941–45) the Red Army had rifle, cavalry, mechanized, tank, aviation, artillery, and airborne corps.

The present-day corps, for example the US Army corps, has a staff, corps units and subunits, various services, and from two to four or more divisions, of which one or two are armored divisions. In combat the corps forms part of the field army or acts independently.

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With a majority of Army Corps of Engineers' recreation areas located within 50 miles of metropolitan centers, our sites offer thousands of fourth graders, their families and educators easy access to many different types of recreational experiences," said Maj.
Carrillo said : "This is a wonderful example of community needs being addressed by our accessible federal representatives and the Army Corps.
The US Army Corps of Engineers would like to provide an update on key elements regarding the construction of facilities at Novo Selo and the dismissal of Dolomit-M as the subcontractor that was hired by Bilfinger Berger Sede Secondaria Italiana (BBSI)," says the Corps' statement.
We're being squeezed by two things: the natural reduction of water levels and the lack of dredging," Weakley says, adding the Army Corps of Engineers has not been funded within the Great Lakes region to maintain the waterways both at the connecting channels and the harbours.
South Dakota and North Dakota have been mapped in a fight with Missouri over the river's level since the 1950s when the Army Corps of Engineers first began putting dams and locks on the river to control its flow.
Kimberley Taplin, a regional project manager for the Army Corps of Engineers in West Palm Beach, agrees and speaks glowingly of USIECR's effect on the Everglades planning process.
In 1996, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, Democrat of South Dakota, invited Republican Governor William Janklow and several tribal chairmen to Washington to negotiate the transfer of excess land taken by the Army Corps of Engineers to the state and the tribes.
Army Corps of Engineers, Adams says, is that they "dig, ditch, drain, and dam, and to hell with everything else.
Last year when the National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) decided that its Snake River dam operation plan posed "no jeopardy" to the wild salmon, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game sued it, along with the Army Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies, for failing to insure that its operations were not likely to harm listed species.
Army Corps of Engineers, various political subdivisions, and hydropower customers involves the Army Corps' operations of the Buford Dam at Lake Sidney Lanier, Georgia.
The orders followed an investigation initially conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers in Los Angeles, which wants to protect the river, particularly the headwaters because the location provides a high-quality habitat for an endangered fish, the inch-long unarmored threespine stickleback.

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