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a rifleman who is skilled in marksmanship, camouflage, and observation; the term “sniper” first appeared in the British Army during World War I. In the Soviet Armed Forces, sniper training was greatly expanded during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. Snipers had the task of eliminating enemy snipers, officers, observers, couriers, artillery and machine-gun crews, low-flying aircraft, and other targets. They were armed with rifles equipped with telescopic sights, which increased aiming accuracy and made it possible to fire effectively at distances up to 800 m. Snipers usually worked in pairs: one man fired, and the other acted as an observer. Since the war, sniper training has been conducted in the armed forces of many countries. The term “sniper” is sometimes applied to marksmen in other types of units, such as artillery, armored, or aviation units.

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For the most part these training events have been accomplished while operating in rural environments at the Army Sniper School and unit sustainment training at home station.
Brown passed on his knowledge recently as one of seven Soldiers from 3rd Brigade and the 2nd Cavalry Regiment who assisted cadre from Fort Benning, Ga., with the instruction of a new class of Army snipers. The team came to Fort Lewis, Wash., after being sponsored by Brown's unit.
Working in teams of 2 or 3, army snipers in Iraq cloak themselves in the shadows of empty city buildings or burrow into desert sands with camouflage suits, waiting to fell guerrilla gunmen and their leaders with a single shot from as far as 800 metres away.
Earlier, another Palestinian man wounded in the church by Israeli army snipers was evacuated to a hospital.
Israeli army snipers shot dead four Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank who were allegedly on their way to carry out a night attack yesterday.
India has deployed new sniper rifles all along the LoC to tackle Pakistan Army snipers while new measures in terms of deployment have also been taken in sectors where the Pakistani forces enjoy an advantage due to better vantage positions.
Another infiltration was foiled in Talaa and the army snipers units killed a saudi soldier in Rakabat Marash and four others in areas nearby .
Submitted to ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda a few hours before the UN Security Council meeting and based on article 15 of the Rome Statute, which established the ICC, the request concerns the direct shots that Israeli army snipers have fired at some 20 Palestinian journalists during the "March of Return" protests in Gaza, WAFA reported.
A recently awarded weapons contract means Army snipers will soon see an improved rifle with an extended range in the field.
During the 2009 Israeli war on Gaza Israeli troops shot dead 50% of its animals, 20% died of thirst after being left not attended for all the 22 days long war.Nidal Barghuth, who works in the zoo, says Israeli army snipers killed some of the animals in the zoo.
The IRA has vowed to track down the Army snipers who opened fire from the roof of a timber yard in the Springhill area of Belfast.
SOF snipers have more access to command and control structures than regular Army snipers, Carey said.

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