Armÿn Pane

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Armÿn Pane


Born Aug. 18, 1908, in Muarasipongi. Indonesian writer.

Armÿn Pane was one of the founders of the journal Pudjangga Baru. He wrote the novel Fetters (1940) about the Indonesian intelligentsia. He made a great contribution to the development of a realistic national dramaturgy (the collection of plays The Crafty Dove, 1953; Russian translation 1960). The collection of verses Gamelan of the Spirit (1960) and the collection of stories Among People (1953) were written by him. He translated works of F. M. Dostoevsky and I. G. Ehrenburg.


In Russian translation:
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Okovy. [Introductory article by V. V. Sikorskii.] Moscow, 1964.
In the collection Tsvety dalekikh beregov. Moscow, 1966.


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