Árni Magnússon

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Magnússon, Árni


(in Latin, Arnas Magnaeus). Born Nov. 13, 1663, in Kvennabrekka, Iceland; died Jan. 7, 1730, in Copenhagen. Icelandic scholar. Professor at the University of Copenhagen (1701).

From 1702 to 1712, Magnússon lived in Iceland, where he conducted a census of the Icelandic population (the first in northern Europe) and an inventory of all Icelandic households and land resources. The ancient Icelandic and ancient Norwegian manuscripts that Magnússon collected and later bequeathed to the University of Copenhagen constitute the famous Arnas Magnaeus Collection.

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The exhibition represents a collaboration between six institutions: the National Museum of Iceland, the National Gallery of Iceland and the Icelandic Museum of Natural History, along with the National Archives of Iceland, the National and University Library of Iceland, and the Arni Magnusson Institute for Icelandic Studies.
th] century document of Norse myths] contains a complete world view expressed in mythological terms for us to enjoy as a window into a different world of learning from what we have grown accustomed to with the rise of Western science and civilization," said Gisli Sigurosson, Research Professor and Head of the Department of Folklore at The Arni Magnusson Institute for Icelandic Studies at the University of Iceland.
Back down on the ground, get a crash- course in Norse and Icelandic history at the National Museum followed by a visit to the Arni Magnusson Institute next door.
In order to examine this problem I have chosen stories told by the Icelandic-Canadian storyteller from New Iceland, Eddi (Edward) Gislason, preserved in the tape-collection of the Arni Magnusson Institute in Reykjavfk.
This is well demonstrated by the fact that when Eddi visited the Arni Magnusson Institute in Iceland two years later he invited Hallfreour to record highlights from his formidable repertoire.
AM is a signum used by the University of Copenhagen to designate a collection of Old Icelandic manuscripts donated to the library by the Icelander Arni Magnusson (1663-1730) upon his death.
Hjortur Marteinsson uses this material as background for his "historical novel," in which Arni Magnusson and his copyist, Jon Olafsson from Grunnevik in Iceland, are the two principal characters.
The amount of new projects makes it imperative that we expand our efforts to participate in the financing of new development here," said Arni Magnusson, Executive Director - International Industries, Islandsbanki.
Speakers include Karl Gawell, Executive Director, GEA; Arni Magnusson, Executive Director, Islandsbanki; Dan Tobin, Senior Investment Officer at The US Department of Energy; Jimmy Leung, Head of the Technology Investment Banking Group at Raymond James; and Dan Kunz, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of US Geothermal Inc.
We see a considerable geothermal energy potential in 82 countries worldwide - including the USA and Canada", said Arni Magnusson, Managing Director, Glitnir Global Sustainable Energy.
Participants at the conference today included President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson; Alexander Karsner, US Assistant Secretary of Energy; CEO of ThermaSource Louis Capuano, CEO of Geysir Green Energy Asgeir Margeirsson, Executive Director Karl Gawell of Geothermal Energy Association, along with Glitnir CEO Larus Welding, Executive Vice President International Banking Magnus Bjarnason, and Jonathan Logan, Managing Director of Glitnir Capital Corporation, as well as Arni Magnusson, Managing Director Glitnir Global Sustainable Energy.