Arnim, Ludwig Joachim Von

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Arnim, Ludwig Joachim Von


(or Achim von Arnim). Born Jan. 26, 1781, in Berlin; died Jan. 21, 1831, in Wiepersdorf. German writer. Principal representative of the Heidelberg circle of Romantics.

Between 1806 and 1808, Arnim and C. Brentano published the collection The Boy’s Magic Horn, which included folk songs, ballads, and verses by poets of the 16th and 17th centuries. His unfinished historical novel, The Guardians of the Crown (1817), advocated the idea of German unity under the aegis of a feudal monarchy. Arnim was the author of short stories, the best of which is Isabella of Egypt (1812), as well as of plays such as The Liberation of Wesel and The Equals. Arnim also adapted old German and English farces.


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