Aromatic Plants

Plants, Aromatic


plants that produce and exude aromatic substances (largely ether oils), which are used in making perfumes, in cooking, and in the food, pharmaceutical, and liquor industries. Many aromatic plants are species of the Lauraceae, Umbelliferae, Myrtaceae, and Labiatae families. In the USSR roses, geraniums, laurel, lavender, and rosemary are among the plants used in industry.

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The air was spicily and sweetly heavy with the scents of wild aromatic plants and gorgeous tropic blooms.
They were also taken on a tour of the plant, as part of which they visited the Carbon Dioxide Recovery plant, the Princess Sabeeka Aromatic Plants Garden, the Charity Fish Farm, the Bird Sanctuary and the Olive Garden.
Meanwhile, the workshop reviewed five scientific papers on the current situation of traditional medicine, the economic effect of the medicinal and aromatic plants, training of herbalists, methodology and regulations of integrated alternative medicine.
It may be that simply securing a couple of pots filled with aromatic plants at nose height on your outside wall works best.
Known as mourd in Persian, satureja is a genus of aromatic plants of the family Lamiaceae, related to rosemary and thyme.
The Centre has set up the National Medicinal Plants Board ( NMPB) under the Ministry of AYUSH for overall development of the medicinal plants sector, including conservation, cultivation, processing and storage of medicinal and aromatic plants for promoting the availability of herbal raw materials.
Khatib added that he has a passion for studying medical and aromatic plants, particularly those types which grow in Syria and could be used in treating a variety of diseases and physical conditions, referring to obesity, the theme of his scientific research for which he won the golden medal.
Aromatic plants possess both aromatic and medicinal properties and spontaneously release odorous volatile organic compounds (Vocs) that can have insecticidal, antifeedant and repellent effects on insect arthropods (catherine 1997; Songet al.
Abdullah Al-Nimri, a prominent rose investor who is also the director of a rose factory and head of a medicinal and aromatic plants institute, tells his success story and how his factory was able to help productive families in the region.
Kamburawala Kankanamge and Don Somathilaka Ranaweera of Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurveda Research Institute, India's Anil Kumar Tripathi of the CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Ibrahim Jantan of Universiti Kebangsn Malaysia proposed to host IORA medicinal plant and herbal medicine technology meetings later this year as well as in 2015.
People will get aware, tourism will be developed and this trade of medicinal aromatic plants will get boosted," said a participant,Hamid.
The present study is a bibliometric analysis of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants research output as found indexed in the Web of Science - an online database of international research output in Science, Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences.