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(ŏr`päd), c.840–907?, chief of the Magyars. He led his people into Hungary c.895. The leaders of the Magyars and the first dynasty of Hungarian kings (St. Stephen I to Andrew III) were of the house of Arpad (see HungaryHungary,
Hung. Magyarország, republic (2005 est. pop. 10,007,000), 35,919 sq mi (93,030 sq km), central Europe. Hungary borders on Slovakia in the north, on Ukraine in the northeast, on Romania in the east, on Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia in the south, and on
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(är`păd), in the Bible, unidentified city, probably in W central Syria. Hamath is always named with it. It is the Arphad in the Book of Isaiah.



(in Russian also Arpadovichi), a dynasty of Hungarian princes (889–1000) and later kings (1000–1301). The dynasty ruled in the period when feudal relations were taking shape and feudal disintegration was beginning. Its founder was Árpád (889–907). His successors were princes Zsolt (907–947), Vál (9477–952), Taksony (9527–972), Géza (972–997), St. Stephen (István) I (997–1038; who was king from 1000), Peter I (1038–41 and 1044–46), Samuel Aba (1041–44), Andrew (Endre, Andras) I (1046–60), Béla I (1060–63), Salamon (1063–74), Géza I (1074–77), St. László I (1077–95), Kálmán (the Booklover; 1095–1116), Stephen II (1116–31), Béla II (1131–41), Géza (1141–62), Stephen III (1162–72), Béla III (1172–96), Imre (1196–1204), László III (1204–05), Andrew (Endre, Andras) II (1205–35), Béla IV (1235–70), Stephen V (1270–1272), László IV (the Cuman; 1272–90), and Andrew (Endre, Andras) III (1290–1301).


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