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Arrian Lucius Flavius Arrianus 'Xenophon'
BirthplaceNicomedia, Bithynia, Asia Minor
Historian, Public servant, military commander and Philosopher


(Flavius Arrianus) (âr`ēən), fl. 2d cent. A.D., Greek historian, philosopher, and general, b. Nicomedia in Bithynia. He was governor of Cappadocia under Emperor Hadrian and in A.D. 134 repulsed an invasion of the Alans. His chief work is the Anabasis, the prime extant source on Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great
or Alexander III,
356–323 B.C., king of Macedon, conqueror of much of Asia. Youth and Kingship

The son of Philip II of Macedon and Olympias, he had Aristotle as his tutor and was given a classical education.
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. Modeled on XenophonXenophon
, c.430 B.C.–c.355 B.C., Greek historian, b. Athens. He was one of the well-to-do young disciples of Socrates before leaving Athens to join the Greek force (the Ten Thousand) that was in the service of Cyrus the Younger of Persia.
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's famous book, the Anabasis relies chiefly on the writings of two of Alexander's generals (Ptolemy IPtolemy I
(Ptolemy Soter) , d. 284 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, the first ruler of the Macedonian dynasty (or Lagid dynasty), son of a Macedonian named Lagus. He was one of the leading generals of Alexander the Great, and after Alexander's death (323 B.C.
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 and Aristobulus) for source material. Other extant works include the Indica (an account of a voyage of Alexander's general NearchusNearchus
, fl. 324 B.C., Macedonian general, b. Crete; friend of Alexander the Great. In 325 B.C., Alexander, about to leave India, had a fleet built in the Indus to transport part of the army home. Nearchus was put in command.
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 to India) and parts of his edition of and commentaries on the Discourses of Epictetus.


See The Landmark Arrian, The Campaigns of Alexander: Anabasis Alexandrou, ed. by J. Romm (2010).

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Dr Shaikh Sultan continued: "Arrian of Nicomedia (Arrianus) wrote this book, Indica, which means India, utilising what Nearchus wrote.
A Critical Review of the Historiographical Sources for the History of the Parthian Empire (247 B.C.-228 A.D.): the Case of Apollodorus of Artemita and Arrian of Nicomedia
Arrian of Nicomedia, a provincial governor under Hadrian, suggests the spectacle in his Ars tactica (AD 131-37).

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