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An installation whose primary mission is research, development, and manufacture pertaining to assigned items or components.
An installation having coequal missions of maintenance and supply for assigned items or components.



a military establishment designed to receive, store, register, and distribute armament and ammunition to troops, to assemble and repair them, and to manufacture certain of their component parts.

Up to the end of the 19th century most of the arsenals of all countries were occupied with the mass production of many kinds of armament and ammunition for the land and naval forces. Arsenal plants had on their premises storehouses of weapons and armaments. The most important arsenals in Russia were the St. Petersburg arsenal known as the Foundry and Cannon Yard, the Kiev and Briansk arsenals, and the Sevastopol’ and Kronstadt naval arsenals; in Germany, the Munich arsenal; in France, the Lyon arsenal; in England, the Woolwich arsenal; in the USA, the Frankfort and Springfield arsenals and others. In the 20th century the growth of arms production into a basic independent industry necessitated a separation between the point of manufacture and the point of storage of weapons and ammunition. Because of this, arsenals lost their former significance and now serve only as bases or storehouses for various purposes. In the USSR the term “arsenal” is not used to designate a military establishment.


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the Arsenale exhibition over to the Guerrilla Girls, the group of
While there are other performance+sculpture entries in the Arsenale (John Bock's Zero Hero, 2005, and Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla's Hope Hippo, 2005), as well as some historical performance residue (e.
While the press release initially promised a retrospective approach in the Italian pavilion and fresher works in the Arsenale, the two sections have since developed some points of contact.
Our wonderfully mad "Utopia Station" included the garden at the end of the world--about a kilometer from the Arsenale entrance (and the toilets
Making one's way through the seemingly endless Arsenale, it was hard to see how a welter of exhibitions was any more sensitive to art and its audience than a single focused show might have been.
This year, we were able to secure a spot in the Arsenale, one of the two main exhibition spaces of the Venice Biennale.
Today's innovations in robotics, advanced materials and additive manufacturing require newer and more creative design processes, enabling an entirely new kind of Arsenale--an Arsenale in which computers work as our creative partners.
A variety of installations at both the Arsenale and Giardini venues take up the Swatch Faces 2017 theme: resident artists from the Swatch Art Peace Hotel Shanghai present their work, and color is celebrated in the spectacular work of British abstract artist Ian Davenport.
The thematic title for her central curated group show in the Arsenale, 'Viva Arte Viva', might sound like a Ricky Martin song, but for Macel it is 'a sort of mantra or outcry of passion' in celebration of the role of artists and their working processes.
In every corner of Aravena's installations in the Arsenale and the Central Pavilion, the visitor finds diagnoses of contemporary political conditions as dire and disparate as the immigration crisis in Belgium, water scarcity in sub-Saharan Africa, and housing shortages in Portugal alongside proposed interventions in response, from concrete public market stalls to conical water towers to living spaces made from sewer pipes.
The project aims to connect the Arsenale, where the Turkish pavilion in the biennale is located, with the historic ystanbul shipyards, the yKSV said.
The design for the 250sqm space for the UAE Pavilion, which will be within the ancient, centuries old walls of Venice's Arsenale, will include an elevated floor and vertical modules and special hanging systems, all of which will be installed in the coming days.