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The Calderdale Open Art Exhibition runs until September 15, Monday-Friday 10am-6pm except from 12.
AILYN AGONIA DOHA EVER heard of an art exhibition amid sand dunes in the hottest month of the year?
Joy Simkin, a student for ten years, said: "This is no ordinary art exhibition - pastels, drawing, collage and fabric are just some of the materials used.
LAHORE, May 16 -- 'For the Eyes Only', an art exhibition of original signed canvas prints of nationally and internationally acclaimed artist and social worker, Jimmy Engineer, opened at the Revivers Galleria on Saturday, to the delight of art lovers all over the city.
I will attempt to show how the Negro in Art Week exhibition came about, summarize briefly the context from which it emerged, and then explore more thoroughly the problems of defining a race through art exhibition, problems which still persist today.
JEDDAH: The art exhibition of Saudi artists Hiyam Al-Khurdy and Mariyam Sudayri were organized at Hilton Hotel under the auspices of Princess Najla Bint Saud bin Abdulaziz.
Art exhibitions:*Foresight: A commemorative art exhibition entitled I Come from there, and rememberC*about the Palestinian Nakba--May 18 -- 31.
The museum, located in an early twentieth century building on Surf Avenue, houses colorful historic and cultural memorabilia from Coney Island, the birthplace of American popular culture, and also hosts film series and art exhibitions.
Art exhibitions do not aid in correcting prejudice, not a bit.
It will host book presentations, literary debates, conferences, seminars, art exhibitions, concerts, theatrical events, film screenings and more.
We wanted warmth to match holiday sentiments, something different from our regular art exhibitions," says Powers.
The non-profit Meridian International Center works with museums, embassies, local municipalities and other institutions to produce, present and circulate art exhibitions from around the world.