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What does it mean when you dream about a quilt?

A patchwork quilt may indicate the many parts of the dreamer’s life that have been pieced together and stitched into a cover or skin to provide protection and warmth for body and soul.

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It is usually something warm and pretty that we cover ourselves with for comfort. The different parts of a quilt may represent the harmonious coexistence of many aspects of your life. Your unconscious may be comforting you in this dream by saying, “You are doing a good job. Keep going!” If you lack comfort and harmony then this dream may be compensatory and providing you with that which you need more of in daily life.
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"The Lost Heroes Art Quilt honors and remembers those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country," said Julie Feingold.
Studio Art Quilters Association Show: "Stitched Together" is a new exhibit of contemporary fiber art work by Illinois and Wisconsin regional members of the Midwest Studio Art Quilt Associates.
In contrast, Georgia French, who lives in Roseburg and who often shows her work with the Studio Art Quilt Associates throughout Oregon, views her creations as "finding your way in a new country, without a map, with just the faintest hint of what you're seekinga...
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Studying quiltmaking at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, Lamb was aware of America's Studio Art Quilt movement that had emerged in the mid-1960's.
Nancy Bavor, who published her study of "Nine California Art Quilt Pioneers" in Uncoverings 2012, offers another perspective in her investigation of the Quilt Revival with "Knockers, Pickers, Movers, and Shakers: Quilt Dealers in America, 1970-2000." Her interviews of nineteen prominent quilt dealers illuminates the awakening of interest in antique quilts in the latter decades of the twentieth century, the stratification within the profession of antique quilt dealing, and the business and personal philosophies that drove these dealers in their quests to find the right quilts for their customers.
The studio art quilt movement that began in the last decades of the twentieth century originated primarily in Ohio and California, and to a lesser degree, Massachusetts.
"Ice Cream and Watermelon Social"; mini-workshop demonstration of organizing trick for bindings; attendees may bring hand work for open sewing session, or a sewing machine for current project; exhibition of small works created by members of Studio Art Quilt Associates; admission for guests is $3.
She realized quickly that piecing quilts was "not [her] cup of tea." (17) On a clipping dated April 4, 1976, Hortense wrote, "One of my 1st quilts--don't like piecing!" (18) She was not discouraged, though, and enrolled in several quilting classes, including a class taught by Chris Wolf Edmonds, an art quilt designer and quiltmaker known for her use of applique.
"It's not a flashy stitch, but it's what holds all the layers together and provides texture," said Hoffmann, a longtime Coburg resident and art quilt maker.
The free show includes an art quilt exhibit at the municipal courthouse.
A variety of different mediums are represented, including oils and acrylics, mixed media and an art quilt.