Artavasdes (Artawazd) II


Died 31 B.C. King of Greater Armenia, 56–34 B.C. Son of Tigranes (Tigran) II.

Artavasdes II fought for the elimination of Greater Armenia’s dependence on Rome. The defeat of the Romans in a battle with the Parthians near Carrhae in 53 B.C. and a Parthian-Armenian alliance strengthened the independence of Greater Armenia. Artavasdes II recovered Sophene and Cilicia (Little Armenia), which had earlier been wrested from Greater Armenia by Rome. In 37 B.C. he refused to participate in an attack on Parthia. In 34 B.C. the Romans invaded Armenia, captured Artavasdes II by deceit, and abducted him to Egypt; they executed him three years later. Artavasdes II is also known as a writer of dramas and history.

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