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Ward, Artemas

Ward, Artemas (ärˈtĭməs), 1727–1800, American general in the American Revolution, b. Shrewsbury, Mass. He was active in colonial politics and served in the French and Indian War. As head of the Massachusetts troops during the revolution, he was chief commander at the siege of Boston (1775) until the arrival of George Washington. After the withdrawal of the main army to New York he was commander at Boston until Mar., 1777. Later he served in the Continental Congress (1780–81) and the U.S. Congress (1791–95).


See biography by C. Martyn (1921, repr. 1970).

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"There was General Artemas Ward," replied Grandfather, "a lawyer by profession.
He details the state government policy that led to the revolt, tax and debt collection in the 1780s, how the establishment of a republican form of government changed the boundaries of dissent and organized protest, the response of authorities like Judge Artemas Ward and Governor James Bowdoin, and implications for the state and the US.
When Daniel Shays' rebellion shook the commonwealth in 1787, a mob of angry farmers wielding pitchforks and guns and aiming to close the courts confronted Judge Artemas Ward on the courthouse steps.
Artemas Ward, for whom the town that later became Auburn was named in 1778.
Martyn, Charles, The Life of Artemas Ward, the First Commander in Chief of the American Revolution.
She said gifts to the library in the past two years had included books from Artemas Ward of New York City, the Rev.
The open house at the historical Artemas Ward house at 786 Main St.
Under Option 3, the 1923 Artemas Ward annex, the 1979 addition and the vacant former Shrewsbury Credit Union building next door would be eliminated.
In 1775, when the Battle of Lexington and Concord occurred, a rider came down the Post Road shortly after, the horse, supposedly bloody by spurs and soaked with sweat, came through with the rider warning Captain Artemas Ward of the confrontation with the British.
For history buffs, a re-enactment of an 18th century military camp will take place at the Artemas Ward Barn from 1 to 4 p.m.
Artemas Ward, a former speaker who was a delegate to the Continental Congress and Commander of the first Revolutionary War forces, held the same seat I hold, so it is truly an honor for me to be here today.
Artemas Ward of Shrewsbury, and as a colonel in the state militia.