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Fusion of a joint by removing the articular surfaces and securing bony union. Also known as operative ankylosis.



an operation that completely immobilizes a joint with the object of restoring an extremity’s supportive capability lost in certain diseases or injuries. Loss of supportive capacity may occur as a result of improperly knitted joint fractures, in tuberculosis, and in other acute and chronic joint inflammations. Arthrodesis consists in removing the cartilaginous surfaces (sometimes resecting the articular extremities of bones) and then fixing the joint surfaces in close contact until they knit. Knitting of the joint extremities may be accelerated by the compression method—compressing the joint ends with a special apparatus after removing the articular cartilage or after resecting the articular extremities of the bone.


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Limb sparing resection through an anterior approach and reconstruction with modular distal semiconstrained endoprosthesis for primary and metastatic tumor have been shown to be effective in increasing range of motion, decreasing pain, and have a lower complication rate when compared to a posterior or posteromedial approach as well as reconstruction arthrodesis, amputation, resection arthroplasty, or allograft.
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Injuries to the stifle are uncommon in avian medicine, and reported surgical repairs have involved rigid external and internal fixation to achieve a fibrous ankylosis or arthrodesis of the joint.
He is most satisfied with the stable shoulder arthrodesis and amputation, because he no longer dislocates his shoulder and the flail arm no longer gets in his way.
Instrumental arthrodesis (CCD TITANE) was then performed via a median posterior route.
However, arthrodesis can relieve back pain, maintain stability, and prevent progressive deformity (Nork, Hu, Workman, Glazer, & Bradford, 1999).
Humans suffer from the various hip joint problems namely osteolysis, osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fracture neck of femur, other inflammatory arthritis, developmental dysplasia, Paget's disease, arthrodesis (fusion) takedown, tumour, road accidents, soldier's injuries etc.
One is called an arthroplasy and the other an arthrodesis.
The ability of the spine to be mobile and stable after intensive surgical procedures makes it preferred over fusion procedures, and advances in non-fusion procedures alleviate pain and restore motion despite enduring heavy loads, offering clinical benefits over arthrodesis or spinal joint fusion.
Hayata and colleagues (26) studied 52 patients on infliximab therapy that had undergone orthopaedic surgery (including not only arthroplasty surgery but also spine surgery, arthroscopic synovectomy, ankle arthrodesis, hand surgery, and fracture care).
based company that focuses on shape-memory orthopedic devices, introduced a 10 mm version of its DynaNail ankle arthrodesis nail.