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An articulation or suture uniting two bones.
Any degenerative joint disease.



chronic metabolic disease of the joints, accompanied by changes in the articular surfaces of the bones.

Arthrosis may arise as a result of intoxication, infectious disease (for example, typhus and syphilis), joint trauma (fracture of the articular extremities of the bones, injury to articular cartilage), and also with significant functional overwork of the joint (for example, in ballet dancers and longshoremen). Chilling (for instance, among workers in hot factories) is known to be a significant factor.

The basis of the disease is disruption of nutrition to the articular (epiphyseal) extremities of the bone. As a result of changes in the permeability of the blood vessels that nourish the bone or of injury to them, aseptic necroses arise, aggravating the joint disease. Thus, the disease is progressive.

At first, pathological changes appear in the internal (synovial) membrane of the bursa, later affecting the cartilage covering the articular surfaces of the bones. The cartilage is gradually destroyed, baring the bone. Osteal tissue is split in some places, thickened in others; thornlike spines are formed. A clinical picture of deforming arthrosis develops.

Arthrosis develops most often in the hips, knees, and first metatarsophalangeal joints. Usually middle-aged and elderly persons are affected. The disease is manifested by pains which appear gradually, occur periodically, and are aggravated after intense physical overwork, or contrariwise, after a prolonged state of rest. Joint mobility is curtailed as a result of pain. Nerve trunks and tissues surrounding the joints become inflamed. Joint function suffers as a result of defensive tensing of the muscles.

Treatment is given on an outpatient basis and in sanatoriums and health resorts (Tskhaltubo, Evpatoriia). Pain-relievers, hormonal preparations (adrenocorticotropic hormones), physiotherapy (thermal and ultrasonic procedures), therapeutic exercise, and massage are prescribed. In serious cases surgery (arthrodesis, arthroplasty) is required.

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Another option for treatment of nascent malunion, is to delay the intra-articular osteotomy till its conversion to mature malunion, which should not be done because performing the surgery earlier, prevents the maladaptive soft-tissue contracture and arthrosis.
arthrosis esta es la primer vez que se recolecta en peces de Mexico por lo cual es el primer reporte de localidad y de hospedero.
All the patients had been diagnosed with hip arthrosis, with a hip radiography showing a degree of dysplasia IV and visited the veterinary center of the Universidad CED in Envigado, Colombia.
So arthrosis means there's an abnormality in the joint, but no inflammation (arthritis); diverticulosis means there are diverticula in the large intestine but no inflammation (diverticulitis).
With that open reposition and internal fixation of acetabulum fragments are often accompanied by aseptic necrosis of hip joint head or cotyloid cavity, posttraumatic arthrosis, development of heterotopic ossification , fracture of metal constructions, iatrogenic injury of sciatic nerve, vessels, a high risk of thromboembolic complications.
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