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Ashe, Arthur Robert,

1943–93, American tennis player, b. Richmond, Va. Ashe rose from his hometown's public courts to become the first African-American male to reach prominence in tennis. He won the 1965 intercollegiate singles championship while at the Univ. of California at Los Angeles. Denied a visa by South Africa on racial grounds in 1970, Ashe forced the issue, appearing before the United Nations and urging the World Tennis Union to expel South Africa because of its apartheid policy. Noted for his grace, hard-hit topspin, and outstanding backhand, Ashe won the 1968 U.S. Open, the 1970 Australian Open, and the 1975 Wimbledon title. He retired as a player following a 1979 heart attack, but continued to serve as the U.S. Davis Cup captain. In 1992 he announced that he had acquired AIDSAIDS
or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome,
fatal disease caused by a rapidly mutating retrovirus that attacks the immune system and leaves the victim vulnerable to infections, malignancies, and neurological disorders. It was first recognized as a disease in 1981.
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 from a heart operation years earlier. He remained an active spokesperson on many issues, including race relations and AIDS, until his death.


See biography by R. Arsenault (2018).

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Perhaps Arthur Ashe is less a biography of a great tennis player than a biography of a man who played tennis; indeed, Arsenault focuses as much on his career and individual matches as his activism and stance on race.
Arthur Ashe: A Life is among the best books about tennis I've ever read -- it's a deep, detailed, thoughtful chronicle of one of the country's best and most important players.
"Arthur Ashe stadium and the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center are named not only after just two sports icons, but social icons," CEO and executive director of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) Gordon Smith ( told Reuters .
"Just like Muhammad Ali changed the world and became one of the greatest fighters and humanitarians of all time, you can't write the history of sports, in my opinion, without giving Arthur Ashe his due," says Rogers, who notes that the city recently unveiled a new mural to honor their favorite son.
"Cast Connex is proud to have enabled the architects at Rossetti to support the new retractable roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium on architecturally exposed structural steel castings, and to have played a role in ensuring that tennis will be played, come rain or shine, at the U.S.
Arthur Ashe: More Than a Champion (BBC2, last night) was a fascinating documentary which traced his rise to glory from the segregated world he grew up in - in Richmond, Virginia, where he wasn't allowed to play in tennis tournaments because of the colour of his skin.
Arthur Ashe: Tennis and Justice in the Civil Rights Era
New York: Serena Williams, who opens her quest for a third successive US Open title with a meeting against fellow African American Taylor Townsend on Tuesday, said Arthur Ashe would have been proud.
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