Arthur Burns

Burns, Arthur


Born Apr. 27, 1904, in Stanisławów, Galicia. American bourgeois economist. Graduated from Columbia University (1925); professor there (from 1933).

Burns headed the Council of Economic Advisers under President Eisenhower (1953–56). He has been president of the American Economic Association (1959), president of the Academy of Political Science (1961), chairman of the National Bureau of Economic Research (1967), and adviser to President Nixon on domestic economic problems (since 1969). Burns is the author of works analyzing the changes in the economic cycle of the USA that set in after World War II under the influence of government intervention and of structural changes in the economy. In the area of state regulation of the economy, he advocates the use of various economic levers, depending on the characteristics of the cycle.


Measuring Business Cycles. New York, 1946. (With W. Mitchell.)
Economic Research and the Keynesian Thinking of Our Times. New York, 1946.
Production Trends in the US Since 1870. New York, 1950.
The Frontiers of Economic Knowledge. Princeton, 1954.
Prosperity Without Inflation. New York, 1958.
The Management of Prosperity. New York-London, 1966.


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The stagnating state of the economy in 1956 was a cause of concern for the Eisenhower administration during an election year, so Eisenhower encouraged Arthur Burns, then on the CEA, to push the Fed toward monetary easement (Meltzer 2009a, 135).
There was some support within the Reagan camp, but Arthur Burns, a former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, nixed it.
Some of the lads Raymond walked with to Ayresome Park included Billy Johnson, Alan Walters, Alan Watson and Arthur Burns.
Arthur Burns and June Edwards ripped up the rule book after falling for each other and are this weekend set to undertake the ultimate expression of their love.
The senators should read "Inside the Nixon Administration: The Secret Diary of Arthur Burns, 1969-1974,'' and "How Richard Nixon Pressured Arthur Burns: Evidence from the Nixon Tapes,'' by Burton A.
When Alan Greenspan assumed the chairmanship in 1987, critics complained that the acolyte of former Chairman Arthur Burns was too political.
Lighthouse regular Arthur Burns, 65, said: "We call him Tottie because he works on the farm.
Arthur Burns, Federal Reserve chairman (1970-1978), delayed Murray Rothbard's doctoral dissertation at Columbia University in the mid-1950s.
The tragic teenager's uncle Reverend Arthur Burns also paid a heartwrenching personal tribute to his niece.
We held the first annual meeting of the Society at Fordham in the spring of 1958 and Arthur Burns was the principal speaker.
When Federal Reserve Chairman Arthur Burns objected on the grounds that other countries might retaliate, Connolly replied, "Let 'em.
Professor Auerbach was also an economist with the House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee during the tenures of four Fed chairmen, from Arthur Burns through Alan Greenspan.