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Evans, Arthur John


Born July 8, 1851, in Nash Mills, Hertfordshire; died July 11, 1941, in Youlbery, near Oxford. British archaeologist.

Between 1899 and 1930 (with interruptions), Evans conducted excavations on the island of Crete, where he discovered the remains of a palace at Knossos. He thoroughly investigated the new Bronze Age culture, studying the palace and farm complexes, works of ail, and clay tablets with pictographic inscriptions and with inscriptions in linear script. He designated the heretofore unknown pre-Hellenic culture as the Minoan culture and proposed a periodization of it. Using archaeological data, Evans reconstructed the state structure, religion, and developmental stages of Cretan society.


Scripta Minoa, vols. 1–2. Oxford, 1909–1952.
The Palace of Minos, vols. 1–5. London, 1921–1936.


Evans, J. Time and Chance: The Story of Arthur Evans and His Forebears. London, 1943.
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According to Arthur Evans and Charles Bellamy, this is not the age of information, or even the computer age.
Councillor William Arthur Evans said: "I'm not happy at all.
The one for Purdue's Datatron was also running in 1957; the succession of algebraic language compilers and assemblers were designed and built for the 650 by Perlis, Joseph Smith, Harold van Zoren, and Arthur Evans.
Fortuny was inspired by the discoveries of Arthur Evans in Crete.
Raymond Arthur Evans, who had more than 20 weapons in a locked bedroom at his home, faced the prospect of a minimum five year statutory prison sentence after he admitted he had the weapon.
Rank: Private Regiment: York and Lancaster Regiment Age: 19 Date of death: 27-7-1918 Buried at: Hagle Dump Cemetery Lewis Arthur Evans Son of Mr and Mrs William Evans, of Glenhurst, Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
The full list of the nine Victoria Cross holders from Merseyside whose graves are due to be restored in the project are: 2Lt Gabriel Coury, Pte William Ratcliffe, Lt Ronald Stuart, Maj Ernest Alexander, Sgt Cyril Gourley, LSgt Arthur Evans, Sgt John O'Neill, Cpl John Davies, and Pte Richard Masters.
Of the original group, Arthur Evans, Jim Cross, and John Williams have passed away, leaving Jack Jones and myself, Dafydd Jones.
Of all the peddlers of scientific spirituality, perhaps none was quite so passionately effective as the eccentric British antiquarian Arthur Evans, whose excavation and reconstruction of the Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete began in 1900 when he was 49.
Two founders of GAA, Marc Rubin and Arthur Evans, wrote articles on GAA history for the electronic publication, Gay Today (which was edited from 1997 to 2004 by the legendary homophile activist Jack Nichols, who died in 2005).