Arthur Henderson

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Henderson, Arthur


Born Sept. 13, 1863, in Glasgow; died Oct. 20, 1935, in London. English political figure. One of the right-wing leaders of the Labour Party; from 1911 to 1934 its secretary.

From 1915 to 1917 during World War I, Henderson was a member of the governments of H. Asquith and D. Lloyd George, supporting a policy of “war until victory.” In 1924 he was home secretary in the first Labour cabinet of R. MacDonald. From 1929 to 1931 he was foreign secretary in MacDonald’s second cabinet. In 1929 this cabinet, under pressure from the popular masses, reestablished diplomatic relations with the USSR, which had been severed by Great Britain in 1927. In 1932 to 1933, Henderson was chairman of the international disarmament conference.

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They made-off with a number of rare artefacts, including a gold medallion Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Newcastle MP and former Foreign Secretary Arthur Henderson in the 1930s, an oak presentation box containing a lock of Tyneside naval hero Lord Collingwood's hair, a Victorian snuff box and a large amount of silverware.
The Queen in procession at the service of completion for | |Liverpool Cathedral, in 1978, above; and, right, the consecration with King George V, left, Queen Mary and Rt Hon Arthur Henderson, on July 19, 1924
Arthur Henderson, though never Prime Minister, has arguably one of the most outstanding and varied CVs of any 20th century politician.
His four successors – Arthur Henderson, George Nicoll Barnes, William Adamson and Ramsay MacDonald (who is a hate figure in Labour history for forming a National Government with the Tories) – were all Scottish–born.
ARTHUR HENDERSON BORN in Anderston, Glasgow, in 1863, Henderson was a Labour politician and served three terms as leader of the party.
Thieves took the peace medal, originally conferred upon local politician Arthur Henderson, from the Lord Mayor of Newcastle's official residence during a [pounds sterling]150,000 raid in April, in which several precious civic heirlooms were taken.
She later fell in love with Arthur Henderson, a joiner, who "was even better looking and had a wicked sense of humour".
I wonder if investors are going to worry that they paid too much for this given how little accretion they expect in 2011," said Arthur Henderson, an analyst at Jefferies & Co.
The plaques - to honour Lord Peter Archer of Sandwell and Arthur Henderson, Baron Rowley, who died in 1968 - joined an existing plaque to another former local MP, John Horner, who died in 1997.
The Duke of Edinburgh, whom she had married two years earlier, looks on; King George V, with Queen Mary and the Right Honourable Arthur Henderson, at the consecration of Liverpool Cathedral in 1924.
On the British side, the Honorable Arthur Henderson, the United Kingdom's Air Minister, and Lord Arthur Tedder, RAF Chief, were among the first of many senior RAF officers to visit the airfields.
Arthur Henderson greatly influenced the British Government between World War I and World War II, working diligently in his positions in Parliament to achieve disarmament.