Arthur III

Arthur III,

1394–1458, duke of Brittany (1457–58), known before 1457 as comte de Richemont, constable of France in the Hundred Years War. He led the coalition that overthrew Georges de La TrémoilleLa Trémoille or La Trimouille, Georges de
, c.1385–1446, favorite of King Charles VII of France, sometime chamberlain to John the Fearless of Burgundy.
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, and by the Treaty of Arras (1435) he reconciled Philip the Good, duke of Burgundy and England's former ally, with King Charles VII of France. He captured Paris from the English in 1436 and later helped to regain Normandy for France. His nephew, Francis II, succeeded him.
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Andrew Wilson Arthur III, Alexander vanZandt Janeway, and Garrison Lane Lassiter.
He leaves 2 brothers, Brian of Southbridge and Arthur III of Warren; 3 sisters, Lisa Perry & Angela Barrett both of East Brookfield and Joanne Twoomey of N.
and children, David, Aaron, Ethan, Michael and Arthur III.